General house rules on Skills.

  • All characters are considered to have 1 in any and all skills, unless specified otherwise.
  • All characters start play with 0 Skill Points (Specialists start with 4). Additional skill points may only be gained through the Training Action, one at a time (unless they are a Specialist, at which point they get +2 per level, starting at 2nd).
  • Sneak Attack can only be increased by Specialists.
  • Skills can’t be raised through Training past 5.

New skills:

Perform: allows a character to entertain an audience, by music, dance, song, storytelling, or general tomfoolery. A successful check allows the PC to take the better of two reaction rolls (or the worse, if the object was to rile them up) made with audience members later the same day. It can also be used to generate income when taking a Ply Trade action.

Lore: covers a characters knowledge of trivia and stories, songs or poems about old heroes, magic items of note and assorted legends regarding monsters, locations or ancient events. The GM is in his rights to define what can (or can not) be discovered with this skill.

Occult: covers esoteric knowledge of the Shadow World, Necromancy, Demonology, Astrology, etc. The GM is in his rights to define what can (or can not) be discovered with this skill.

Alchemy: Allows a character to create potions as a Magic-User does (though he must still have access to the spell to be infused in the potion, either through his own ability to cast spells or through the aid of another). Character may also brew Poisons and antidotes, craft gunpowder and other alchemical substances.

Physic: If the Physician makes a success check with this skill doubles the amount of HP healed by a character through rest. A Physician may attempt surgery on a mortally wounded character – success brings the character up to -2 HP and will stop the character from dying. A Physician may also attempt First-Aid shortly after any combat or incident causing injury – success allows the injured character to recover 1d3 HP.



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