Alignment and the afterlife

Alignment and life after death:

Lawful souls are usually claimed by agents of the Gods they served after death and carried off to Godhome beyond the Shadow World.

Neutral characters become lost souls or undead in the Shadow World. If a lay member to a church and able to find their way through the Shadow World to Godhome (or particularly strong spiritually), they will face judgement, at which point they may be allowed in to Godhome or sent to to Hell or one of the other infernal realms. They may also be poached by Demons & Devils in the Shadow World sent there to harvest lost Souls. If a Lost Soul can find a way back into the realm of the Living, they may reincarnate.

Chaotic Characters typically reincarnate. Otherwise they become Undead in the Shadow World or Dark Faeries if Elves.

Alignment and the afterlife

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