Songs of Light and Shadow

General rumors for winter & spring


  • Border skirmishes break out between Corviswode & the Kroh Nomads.
  • Cragspire has joined The Oasis, and the Oasis has successfully rebuffed all of Basalruin’s attempts to invade.
  • Wargs bedevil villages at the edge of the Erbannen, but are driven off by the Swordwraith & her Rangers.
  • Avanil’s heir has been assassinated!
  • Goblins have been raiding in Cariele.
  • Alamie announces religious intolerance is tantamount to heresy, and will be treated as such. Assets will be seized by the state, while heretics are put to the torch.
  • A sink-hole opened up under one of LPAs temples in Ghoere.
  • Remnants of the Reptile Cult that caused so much trouble over the winter in Elinie have reverted to banditry, but are rounded up and arrested by the Douta family Paladins


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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