Calbis Lamier

The Imp and Lord of Mieres


Calbis Lamier is a short man, and even the most generous of measurements do not place him much over 5’. This young nobleman received the questionably honor of governing Mieres after his predecessor had fled. He seems to have risen to the occasion gladly, and offers a kind face to any he meets. Calbis dreams of a stronger Mieres, or a stronger kingdom for us all where we can exist in peace and prosperity. This dream may be painfully unlikely, but it is worth pursuing for the betterment of all.

Though he has only taken recently an official seat of power, he has often been followed by cruel rumors and given many names, Dwarf, changeling, mudblood, and devil spawned wretch to name a few. In a childish drunken tantrum Calbis cursed all those who whispered such hurtful titles behind his back. After some rambling on the topic he delcared that none of them had gotten it right, and that he was to be hence forth called Calbis the Imp.

After returning to his senses the next morning Calbis was initially horrified at what he had done, but soon saw it as a blessing. Now he could take the name and wear it as a badge of honor, a title he could own and live up to all the best parts of. Something that was his and no one else to take away from him.-

Today it is known that the title of Imp was not casually chosen. Calbis Lamier now stands a mere 3 feet tall, sporting reddening skin, darkening eyes, and even such monstrous features as horns, wings, and a tail. His head is large for his body and despite the twistings of his body, his head remains as handsome as ever, even comically so.

Now he raises a new flag in Mieres of his own making. A yellow and black flag quartered of wasp, trident, crown and horn. For all of this he still seems as friendly and helpful as ever.

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Calbis Lamier

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