Songs of Light and Shadow

Mourning the Fallen of Roesone

The soul of Roesone is free and fierce. Our pride in our young land has been earned through blood and honor. To show respect in Roesone we do not bow our heads but meet one anther’s gaze to show the truth of our convictions. Today we gather to honor those who displayed their honor and convictions by sacrificing themselves to end the tyranny of Raenech the Usurper against the innocent of Osoerede. The atrocities visited upon the citizen’s of Osoerede were more than Roesone’s soul could bear. As is the sacrifice we chose to pay for our principles, the principles of Haelyn – courage, honor, and justice. We have sacrificed not only our Brothers in Arms, we have lost our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives, our fathers and mothers. Many of our future’s brightest promises shine no more, and my heart weeps. Courage we have shown, honor we have demonstrated and the rightful ruler of Osoerede is restored. As William Moergen led the Swordwraith, Patriarch Malik bin Douta and I into battle against the Usurper and we gained the advantage, Raenech the pretender to the throne surrendered and my spirit raged for Justice for our dead but the tyrant refused to arm himself. Out of respect for the rightful King of Osoerede William Moergan I will leave justice in his hands, for it is his people and lands the have born the greatest hardship at the hands of Raenech. I pray to Haylen to help me understand this justice we have be given. I am taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Temple in Ilien, to pay homage to Haylen, to seek the Lord Prefect’s wise council as to the nature of Haylen’s Justice and ask for blessings on the sword of vanquished Raenech, which Lord William Moergen in gratitude of allegiance gifted to Roesone for the defense and protection of her people. To honor Haylen and the sacrifice of our fallen, I call on all the citizens of Roesone to look to those families that are suffering from loss and seek to comfort and aid those families. Our militias are called upon to tend to the families of the Fallen as if tending to their own. Service to those families is service to the Realm and your liege. Let us comfort ourselves by providing comfort to each other and I am humbled to lead a people so brave, selfless and resilient.

May the courage, honor, and justice of Haylen sustain us all.

Baroness Talya Roesone


GrendelTodd SardistheLydian

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