Songs of Light and Shadow

Day three at the Tourney in Endier

A Gathering of Heroes

The Master of the Brawl

The competition in the Shield’s Dance (the other half of the Grand Melee) proves nearly as fierce as the fencing match, though the heralds take steps to make sure the contestant’s blades are properly dulled this time. The battles finally resolve to just a handful, and new heroes find their way to center stage. While Shaemes Alam easily defeats the the Adurian Knight of the Oasis, Alistair Creyryndier, smashing his shields swiftly, Nicoli in turn is nearly killed by the Green Knight, whose’ mighty thews smash through shields to hammer home upon his foe. Rusgor faces a similar fate facing the Horned King, as Caliborn suddenly begins exhibiting inhuman levels of strength with which to batter about the northerner. The Patriarch Malik has a far fairer contest with the disinherited Duke William Moergen, though he in the end faces defeat. Though Moergen and Alam demonstrate skills in their successive bouts with Caliborn and the Green Knight, their talents prove no match for the monstrous savagery the two bring to their matches. Soon the only remaining contestants, Caliborn and the Green Knight face each other in the Brawl, and though the Goblin of the Spiderfell shows he still has fight in him, it just cannot compare to the Horned King’s impressive strength, and the Spider’s Voice is forced to yield.

Caliborn, the Horned King of Caelcorwynn, is awarded the title “Master of the Brawl.”

The Master of the Bow

The Archery competition is less well attended by the Lords, though Brosegnae’s champion, Baron Kason Maerelen makes a good show of it before loosing to the wandering adventurer Braem Holdenhyrd.

Braem Holdenhyrd has proven he is not only Master of the Blade, but Master of the Bow as well.

The Riddlemaster

With the Tourney’s host Guilder Shade as judge and the Bard Jerrik Skalden advising, the evening’s entertainment proves to be a riddle competition between the noble guests. In a series of round robin challenges the regents Tangaroa, Malik, Kason, Nicolai, Talia & Shaemes all took turns in a duel of words and wits. Alamie’s favored son proves boorish in his pointed barbs at Tangaroa Tuornen, and is quickly dropped from the race. THe others prove increasingly more clever, until in the end only Tangaroa remained.

Baron Tangaroa Tuornen is awarded title as Riddlemaster.

The Joust

The last day of the tourney proves long as the lancers charging battle for hostage ransom rights as much the win the day. By luck or fate, the last handful of champions show excellent horsemanship as Malik finds himself facing down the Green Knight, who’s vaulted strength does not save him from being unhorsed by the superior skill of the Son of Elinie. The Black Baroness Talia Roesone too faces a sinister challenge in the Knight of the Oasis, Alistair Creyryndier, but in the end he too falls to a righteous opponent. But when it falls to the two paladins to face each other, both find themselves unhorsed and their rise through the ranks at an end. he final battle instead concludes between Duke Israphel Diem and the disenfranchised Duke William Moergen, and in the end it is the Prince of Cats who falls.

The outcast Duke, William Moergen, is the Master of the Joust.

Epilogues and endings

And with the last champion crowned, the Tourney is at an end. Word circulates the scoundrel who had attempted to spoil the feast had been caught, a servant from the entourage from Avanil who had come to be under the employ of a rival of Guilder Shade’s, now a prisoner made to suffer for his attempts to disrupt the masked regent’s celebrations. Whither noble or champion, blackguard or cheat, Gorgon’s Orphans or Knights of mystery, the heroes gathering is done, and the celebrants wander their separate ways.

Though many whisper “next year” with ambition in their eye, as news that Alamie’s hosting of the Sword & Crown threatens to be an even showier party…


Tragic news travels fast as word spreads that at least one of the visiting dignitaries at the Tourney in Endier never maked it home alive. Medhlorie Hanensen, known to many as “Lady Goldeneyes”, was ambushed by a large band of Goblins and Gnolls from the Spiderfell while returning to Coeranys. Head of the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae, a sect tending to the needs of the faithful of Coeranys, Elinie, Ghoere, and even a sizable congregation in the Imperial Capital, she had not served long since the death of her predecessor during the Gorgon’s last incursion, but she had demonstrated a deep-seated love for her homeland and a strong desire to keep the Eastern Marches safe. Her heir is the untried Catechist Cristier Rose – let Avanalae guide and protect him, and may he be more fortunate than those who came before him.

Day three at the Tourney in Endier

All of Coeranys weeps for the death of Mother Medhlorie, and none more so than I. Would that I could turn back time and fight at her side, even if it meant my death, I would do so without hesitation, and I vow to contribute what humble means I have to the fight against the Spider.

The blood of better men and women has been spilled on the southern plains; if I should give my life to slay even one of the Spider’s monsters, I shall call it a fair price.

-Alain Cariele, Duke Coeranys

(OOC: Crap, I can’t believe it took me a week to notice this comment. Blame the disgraceful condition of Coeranys’ muddy roads, I guess. Is Cristier Rose a PC?)

Day three at the Tourney in Endier

(OOC: If you would like to talk to Cristier Rose, aka me, feel free to message me.)

Day three at the Tourney in Endier
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