Songs of Light and Shadow

553 ME, Cats & Dogs

Fall, Month 1: Erntenir

The Civil war in Osoerede come to a close:

  • Week 1: Aerenwe & the rebel forces, led by William Moergen and the Swordwraith, plow through the summoned Goblin army of the Swamp Mage in Agael, forcing the necromancer to flee back to his swamps in Spiritsend, while Eline’s forces, thanks to the leadership of the Patriarch and the strategic advice of his sister, route Jason Raenech’s forces in the north. Roesone is forced out of the conflict when they stumble into an expeditionary force fielded by Ghoere to aid their military ally – though they win the battle, Roesone is forced to withdraw from the war over concerns that Ghoere may take advantage to mount an attack while their troops are otherwise entangled on foreign soil.
  • Week 2: Aerenwe, Elinie and the rebels lay siege to Raenech the Usurper in Moriel Castle. In a daring move to end the war swiftly, William Moergen leads the Swordwraith, the Patriarch Malik bin Douta, the Black Baroness Talya Roesone and a small number of men (along with his trusty Bloodhound Rufus Rex) through a secret way into the castle, hoping to capture the Usurper Duke. Meanwhile the Patriarch’s strategically minded sister Corazon ibn Douta teams up with William Moergan’s right-hand man, Bram Holdenhyrd, and that ever charming scamp, Jerrick Skalden, sneak in to open the gates to the besieging troops outside. His own bodyguards unable to face the rightful heir in the eye, Raenech attempts to flee in the shape of a cat, using his astronomically large cat-collection as cover, only to discover the amazing nose of Rufus Rex can not be so easily deceived. The cunning warlord revealed, William and his allies manage to overwhelm him and force his surrender! Osoerede has been freed!

In other news, the Warlord Azuras has announced a new state religion in Medoere: hens fourth the worship of Eoele shall be considered the true faith in the land.


I sent you an email, but I bet other players are wondering this too… does this mean the game is back on?

553 ME, Cats & Dogs

This looks like a tentative yes. Ian mentioned he wanted to do all he can to wrap up the war asap. All this stuff is month 1 (last month) so, we haven’t really started month 2 proper.

With the timeline muddled, I’m waiting until Ian decides it’s time to act again. (Though I hope we can still get all 3 rounds wrapped up by the end of November & get back onto our regular cycle)

553 ME, Cats & Dogs

Yes, the war is resolved, and I’ll be talking Month 2 actions after next Thursday.

553 ME, Cats & Dogs
GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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