The 5 Morals

Taken from Roger Musson’s column in Imagine magazine (issue #6):

1. Don’t split the party.
2. Don’t go deeper than you can handle.
3. Plan beforehand.
4. If the party becomes seriously depleted in strength, exit fast.
5. Don’t get into unnecessary fights.

All useful considerations for those of you going on adventures, especially given Experience for Adventures in ACK is mainly given for loot successfully brought back to civilization (and divided by the survivors), with only a comparably smaller amount coming from monster killing, and story awards being arbitrarily assigned at my whim.

On the point of preparing for an adventure, keep in mind a regent is presumed to have a starting budget of 100gp for equipment for each expedition (if they wish to spend more, they’ll need to take a Finance action). Researching a dungeon site depends not only on your skills & background, but how much you’ve spent on court (& thus how many potentially knowledgable retainers you may have lazing around) and what assets you may have available (such as access to a college or library).

The 5 Morals

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