Selecting Domains

More will be added to this as time permits, but the basics are as follows:

Blooded characters may begin play as a Regent of any unclaimed Realm or landless Domain (such as Guilds, Temples, and crazy hidden Wizards]]. Check in with me and we will likely find something that will suit you.

Claimed Realms Unclaimed Realms NPC Realms
Baruk-Azhik Dhoesone. Thurazor
Endier. Cariele Five Peaks
Caelcorwynn. Aquitainia Boeruine
Elinie Royland Avanil
Ilien. Barmot Rhuobhe
Albiele Isle Carmosant Baerghos Isle
Stjordvik Lasalim Spiderfell
Taeghas Dromeda Osoerede
Mieres Khroh Nomads Chimaeron
Coeranys Yementry Ghoere
Aerenwe Imperial Expanse Mur-khilad
Seilwode? Solmetitum Markazor
Brosengae Tamaereine Gorgon’s Crown
Talinie ? Mhoried
Tuornen ? Kiergard
Tuarhievel ? Giantdowns
Medoere Ulgotha ? Ashira’s Domain
Roesone ? Cragspire
Diemed ? Bone Fields
Alamie ? Changing Lands
Dragonspur ? Slitherspire
Oernasis ? Broken Maw
Dunedin? ? Alor
Vatcheron ? ?
Saukien ? ?

? = there’s still room to cram tiny little kingdoms in obscure parts of the Adurian Wastelands, or it may be a kingdom of a absenteeism player that may be up for grabs.

Selecting Domains

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