On Races:

Humans use the optional array, but with the following modifiers…

+1 to one characteristic relevant to cultural subset (Str = Vos, Dex = Brecht, Con = Rjurik, Int = Khanazi, Wis = Anuirean, and for the sake of completeness, Cha = Maesetian). +1 to any other characteristic of choice. Languages: native tongue + one other cultural human language of choice. One bonus skill proficiency picked from a short list as defined by culture (Anuirean – Deception, Insight or Investigation; Brecht – Acrobatics, Persuasion or Slight of Hand; Khanazi – Arcane, History or Mount [land]; Rjurik – Nature, Perception or Survival; Vos – Animal Handling, Athletics, or Intimidate; and again, for the sake of completeness, Maesetian – Medicine, Performance or Religion). One bonus feat of choice.

Elves use the Wood Elf subrace, Dwarves use the Mountain Dwarf subrace & Halflings use the Lightfoot subrace (I could see a good argument for tweaking the Halflings to get their shadow powers in, but I haven’t had the time/energy to do it myself. Always struck me as a tad overpowered anyway).


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