Class adaptations

On Classes:
Certain classes are restricted by Race, Culture or Background/Blood.

Barbarians restricted to Rjurik, Vos and some humanoids (Elves too maybe?). Dwarves and Halflings may not be Mages, while Humans may not take more than 4 levels unless they are Blooded. Elves may not be Clerics, Druids or Paladins. Dwarves may not be Druids. Monks – no. Well, maybe from freakish order from Aduria or some other far off place. The idea of Azrai Cultist Monks is kinda cool though.

At this point I’m sticking with the Domain & Bloodline rules as writ for 2e, editing how powers work in 5e as needed on a case by case basis. I’m really looking forward though to what other folks might come up with though.


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