Songs of Light and Shadow

News for week three, part two
War in the North!

In the name of Queen Devlin Llyrandor, we, the true people, the Sidhelien of Tuarhievel declare a just and necessary war upon the usurper Warlord Drago. To stamp out this foreign tyrant, protect our vital trade interests in the region, and aid our long-standing business partners amongst the Stonecrown Coasters, we will see to it freedom and stability is brought to the men and women of Cariele.

So say I, Llytha Damaan, Hand of the Queen.

And with that, the Elves have thrown their hat into the ring.

Series of Roesone's Tournaments to determineThe Baroness Entourage to the Great Tournament
Display your strength at Arms

All practitioners of the Martial Arts,

In Month next
Is invited, as well as those who just enjoy a good bout, to attend skirmishes and field campaigns in Ghoried, and the Spider River county line between Duerlin and Caercas, and the Spider River and the county line between Duerlin and Abbatour: The end games will be hosted in Proudglaive.

Along with the tournament there will be FESTIVALS

Games and performance for the kids,
Merchants for the adults
and Theatre and Music for Families and people just not interested in the Fighting.

Prizes and possible glory to the Contestants
and Raffles and inevitable entertainment for the spectators.

All Roesone subjects all encouraged to come and celebrate the strength and unity that has Created the peaceful haven that is Our Lands.

Proudglaive and the Baroness will host the Final Individual Bout by those who have distinguished themselves in the skirmishes and field campaigns held outside the Capital.

The Baroness decrees there must be a popular “People’s Champion” determined by, respect held in the community, as well as, their abilities in battle, shall sent from each local tournament as well. These will serve as citizen contacts of the Baroness with the Local Militia.

As decreed by
Baroness Talia Morgana Roesone

Baroness of Roesone and Loyal Defender of All her Subjects
Edict of Religious Tolerance

As decreed by,
Baroness Talia Morgana Roesone,
Protector and Defender of Roesone

Loyal Subjects:

While I am a Defender of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. My God is a Just and Lawful God. If any Roesone citizen feels they have been targeted and/or treated as guilty BECAUSE they attend a different temple or hold loyalty to a different God, they will be assured safe passage along the roads and rivers to My capital of Proudglaive to address their grievance.

My soldiers are ordered to defend all Roesone citizens from ALL SEEN physical threats even from Temples and Retainers for I know the leaders of my Barony would never fear the light of society on their behavior for I have faith that their guardianship of my lands and intentions that guide their hearts are above public reproach.

I see not worshipers, or sectarians, but Loyal Subjects of Roesone. And my God is honored in my unflinching defense of the Law and the continued Protection of the persons and property of my Beloved Subjects.

As decreed by,

Baroness Tatiana Banaloff,

Protector and Defender of Roesone

News for week three...
War in the South!

The new Count of Ilien, Raesene Angondlier, has launched a surprise attack on neighboring Medoere. The reasons why are unclear, though rumors hint it may be due to his concerns that their new Theocrat, Moonie the first, is believed to be mad. Could the Wizard of Ilien be behind the recent flooding of Medoere’s southern coast as well, or is he simply being opportunistic? What ever the reason, this fortels a likely end to the longstanding alliance between Ilien, Roesone & Medoere that has kept the Diemed and Ghoere so long at bay.

News for week two

Events continue to filter in…

  • Past the northern border of Anuire, the far-off kingdom of Sjordvik has increased summer tolls on travelers passing across the river or through the Wall (the great wooden wall that protects Stjordvik’s west and northern boarder).
  • Duke Tangaroa Tuornen has upset the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn with his flagrant favoritism of the Militant Order of Curaecan.
  • Taeghas is putting on a Summer Fair that has become the toast of the western coast kingdoms.
  • Medoere’s southern Coast has been devastated by recent flooding.
  • Across the Strates of Aerele, rumors have been coming from the Adurian kingdom of Ornasis that their Warlord, Darius Bladesworn, has been allowing (or perhaps even encouraging) his mixed armies of Orogs, Gnolls and men to raid travelers and merchants passing through his domain.
553 ME, Summer begins
Turn 1, round 1, week 1

After a brutal two years the Gorgon has been pushed back into the Crown, but the cost has been high. Regents from across Anuire have fallen, replaced by a new crop of inexperienced heirs. Meanwhile strange forces in Aduria, long silent, begin to move. Across both sides of the Straits of Ariele, dark forces are on the move, stretching out to test the mettle of untried heroes…

News and rumors for the first week of Haelynir (June):

  • Guilder Shade of Endier has invited nobles and heroes far and wide to a most magnificent tourney to be held at the Free City next month!
  • The new Queen of Aerenwe has granted all her Captains letters of mark, granting them privateering rights against any pirates they may find in the Gulfof Coeranys.
  • Cocerned over the usurpation of the throne in Osoered, both Aerenwe and Elinie have declared the rightful heir, William Moergen, has safe passage through their realms.
  • The usurper Duke Jason Raenache has ordered assets of suspected rebels seized, and known rebels are to be nailed to trees as a warning.
  • Shamus Alam, Duke of Alamie, has ordered assets of convicted heretics and witches to be seized by the state; he continues to blacken his armor in mourning for his father’s death at the hands of the Gorgon.
  • The Black Baroness of Roesone has announced plans to go on Progress, touring her provinces and meeting with her subjects.
  • Cariele, recently seized by the usurper warlord Drago, has set his troops to sacking local temples and businesses. The Northern Reformed Church of Saramie has declared this an outrage, and has placed a 20,000 gp bounty on his head (dead or alive). The Stonecrown Costers have upped the anté, offering 40,000 gp for his capture and an end to his tyrany.

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