Warlord Azurus

A monstrous creature in spiked black full plate wreaking of death


The Warlord is said to be a gruesome sight. Spikes adorn the tops of his shoulder plates, and upon these spikes sit the heads of spies and traitors.


Little is known of the Warlord. But some rumors suggest he was once an unlucky farmer, the 7th son of a 7th son until he made a deal with Azrai for power beyond his imagining. A century has passed and he has completed his training in the shadow world ready to create the chaos the Gorgon seems too content to cause. Although others place him as the bastard son of Heirl Diem, driven to rage by the murder of his mother and the constant attempts on his life by the former Heirl’s assassins. Who’s to say both aren’t true?

Warlord Azurus

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