Darius the Bladesworn

Warlord Prince of Ornasis


My lord, I’m sorry to say that there is little more than rumor and hearsay is known about this towering brute of a man. It is said that a chilling wind blows and shadows loom longer in his presence, that fear has never touched his heart, and that his blade has an unnatural thirst for blood. Gossip aside, some credible witnesses have been found who have confirmed that he is not just an unthinking berserker. As one experienced officer put it, “His actions on and off the battlefield show thoughtfulness and cunning, even as his cries for the blood of his enemies can be heard echoing over the din of combat.”

He is known to have two younger brothers said to have been born as twins, but who could not be more different than each other.

The one most oft seen is called Luxu, firstborn of the twins. A man of fair face and charming wit with a blithe smile and a limber tongue.

The other is Krelis, whom rumor would have was stillborn and only saved at birth by the intercession of magic or divinity most foul. He is never seen without his staff, his robes, and innumerable scarves and wrappings around his face and arms, “to keep the heat of the sun at bay.”

I will say this of him: regardless of any other conclusion we may draw from our other spies, he is not a man to trifle with personally. This is a man to be watched from afar and dealt with through pawns. He swept into Ornasis from the Adurian Wastes at the head of an army of Knolls, Men, and Orogs and made that land his.

-Excerpt from a Cerilian dossier regarding Darius the Bladesworn

Darius the Bladesworn

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