Corvwyn Corvis

Autarch of Corviswode


Drow (Dark Elf), Autarch of Corviswode, bald, red eyes, dark skin, typical drow features.


“Corvwyn Corvis, he is not Drow he is not elvish, though he has taken the form of a drow he has fooled us. He rules Coviswode with an iron hand, and has created police spies and assassins to eliminate those who speak out against him including those he deems incompetent.”

“He was always strange when he was young, studying magic, statecraft and even the world outside Coviswode, he was focused on completing assignments and ruling efficiently, he cared not for excess or indulgence. Like the Autarchs before him he only cared for what results were gained, how efficient his magistrates were, he read reports on growing, harvests and labor details. He created a system to control labor and has focused on creating efficient tax collectors and executing those who commit fraud or skim from his taxes. He’s focused on collecting details and honoring his commitments and promises to the letter.”

“Like I said he is no drow, his daughter shows no promise either and most likely will be another Autarch, this has to end and quickly before our reputation among the other drow is destroyed. Once we end him we can start going about our lives properly.”

-Last words of an adviser’s journal before he was executed for “seditious speech”

Corvwyn Corvis

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