Alain Cariele

Duke of Coeranys


Alain Cariele is the current Duke of Coeranys, being the only child of that land’s previous ruler, Eluvie Cariele. Alain never met his father, who died in battle against raiders from the east around the time Alain was born, and so he was raised mostly by his mother and her close friend and confidant, Medhlorie Haensen, High Hierophant of the Life and Protection of Avanalae. Still a young man and unsure of himself, particularly after having so recently watched his mother’s slow death during an outbreak of Swamp Fever in Ruorven, Alain presents a confident and diplomatic face while relying heavily on the advice of Medhlorie and his childhood friend Daene Caudraight, a minor noble and paladin of the Holy Order of Haelyn’s Aegis.

A Coeranian through and through, Alain shares many of the peculiarities of his countrymen, including a passion for horsemanship and competitive archery. He is a devout follower of Avanalae (Avani) and was coronated in her temple in Ruorven, often regarded center of her faith in Anuire. This devotion has become the basis of a close friendship between Alain and his cousin Erin Cariele, an acolyte of the temple. Although he has the utmost respect for the holy warriors of Haelyn’s Aegis who have helped protect his homeland for centuries, he has no special reverence for the god himself, which may come as a shock to western Anuirean regents. He also has a tendency to come off as a bit rustic and uncultured, as one might expect from the ruler of a sparsely-populated hinterland like Coeranys. His greatest joys in life include hunting and fishing among the many streams and bogs of his homeland and riding its verdant fields in the rain.

Although he hasn’t been on the throne long enough to have decreed much in the way of policy, he so far seems content to continue his mother’s policies of avoiding international entanglements while ruling with a light hand at home.

Alain Cariele

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