Songs of Light and Shadow

General rumors for the end of Winter and Spring

Highlights of recent events

  • The masquerade hosted at the end of Winter in the Oasis was interrupted by raiding Sand Goblins, who carried off the Marchioness Ashera, Armani Avan (one of Prince Avan’s many daughters), the Corviswode’s Autarch, Nikolai the Flame of Saukien, and Shall Fortune (sister of the Warlord Baal of Basalruin) – amongst others. Luckily they were all rescued by the Warlord Creyrendyr and Guilder Shade before any serious harm was done. Rumor also has it Creyrendyr has gained the services of a Dragon of the Wastes.
  • With spring comes war, as Basalruin invades Ashera’s Oasis in the name of his liege-lord, the Imp of Mieres. Rumors abound that Avanil and Boerune are testing each other’s defenses, but out and out fighting has yet to commence.
  • Marriages are also in the air: early this spring, Crister Rose, Duke of Coeranys and High Priest of the Life & Protection of Avanalae joined with Yissilda Tael, a cousin of Baron Gavan Tael of Ghoere. Near the end of the season Guilder Shade hosts a state wedding to his rescued Aduirian Princess, Shall Fortune.
  • On religious fronts: The worship of The Vos god Belinik, Prince of Terror and Lord of Strife has cropped up in several kingdoms lately, most notably on the Isle of Caelcorwynn and in the Duchy of Alamie. The Hrned King has even gone to declare them as Caelcorwynn’s new state religion, a decision that has outraged the Eastern Temple of Nesirie (who had been tending to the needs of the islanders for the last half a year). Duke Shaemes Alam has made no such similar decree, though he has continued to support his previous statements about religious toleration within his kingdom with a draconian announcement that religious persecution is tantamount to heresy, and will be similarly persecuted with assets seized and homes burned.


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