Songs of Light and Shadow

554 ME, Rebel Yells

Winter, Month 2: Faniele

News for the month of Faniele, part 2:

  • Aquitainia stands alone: Oernasis and the Changeling have launched joint offenses against the kingdom of Aral (called by some the High Kingdom of Aquitania). Though the joint offensive succeeded in splitting the Prince’s forces, the Nehaleze sword-lords defeated the mixed armies of Orogs and Gnolls soundly with only minimal losses.
  • The Church does not approve: The High Priest of the Life and Protection of Avanalae, Crister Rose, recently made several papal decrees…

1. “The Tetrarchy has made clear, with recent statements, that they will not come to anyone’s aid, even if they created the problem, unless one asks them for their help. In conclusion, does this mean that if injustice is being done, people are being butchered or the Chimaeron is about to invade their neighbors lands with an army of undead, they will not come unless asked? I ask my fellow lords and ladies, is this justice? I feel that the Tetrachy would still clearly have undead wandering around and would not have focused so closely on the frog people problem had the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae not brought these unmoral actions of the Tetrachy into the light.”

2. “The Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae feels compelled to point out that Jason Raenech still rots in his cell. There has yet to be mention of a trail by the Tetrachy.
I ask my fellow lords & ladies again, is this justice? The Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae fears that the Tetrachy may be using justice in only ways they serve their purposes. However, should the Tetrachy have a fair and honest trail, as well as clean up their act in general because the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae has brought this issue to light, so much the better. Nevertheless, had the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae not brought these issues to light, we all have our suspicions how the Tetrachy would be acting now. Additionally, a core uniting factor of the Tetrachy is that all nations that are part of the Tetrachy have come to the aid of a nation known for hosting two known necromancers, one even still acting as court wizard of said nation – Osoerde. Therefore lords & ladies I ask of you, I beseech you, I humbly beg you, when dealing with the Treachery act with caution. They may act one way on the surface, and have had a few acts of transgression, but we have no idea what they are like at their core.”

3. “The Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae congratulates Guilder Shade on his recent acquisition of the Black Rock Traders. However, it has come to light that the Black Rock Traders may have woken up a sleeping giant when they raided the Chimaeron’s lands. Should Coerannys, or their neighbor Baruk-Azhik, experience any damages from the Chimaeron, the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae would hope that Guilder Shade would reimburse us for such damages. After all, legally he is now head of the Black Rock Traders, thus their debts are his to pay, and responsibility for fixing their mistakes are his.”

  • An Imp revealed, a Prince defeated: Civil War broke out in Mieres when Avanil’s Fleet deposited a large force to take charge of the colony and send the Vizier Calbas Lamier back to face accusations of treason. Prince Avan’s forces chased the rogue governor to the borders of Basalruin, where the rebel regent regrouped with his remaining troops, vassal forces, and allied soldiers from Saukien, to engage at the forest’s edge. Though the ir numbers were nearly equal, the Anuirian invaders proved no match for the tactical genius of the Imp of Mieres, now revealed as the Awnsheilien some had accused him of being. Their forces routed, the Imp’s rebellion pursued the survivors back through the capitals to their ships, cheering to see the Lion’s men sailing back north, tails between their legs. Though Prince Avan may wish to someday return to reclaim the Anuirian colony of Mieres, it’s citizens have already started calling it by another name, one befitting it’s Awnsheigh regent – The Imp’s Peninsula.


“As the Autarch of Coviswode I send my congratulations to Calbas Lamier and Saukien. For the successful repulsion of Anvil’s forces and their new independence from colonial status. I wish them great fortune in defending their lands from further foreign incursion and that they carve a new path unburden by the standards and dictates of Anuire.”

Corvwyn Corvis
Autarch of Corviswode

554 ME, Rebel Yells
GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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