Songs of Light and Shadow

554 ME, One hand clapping

Winter, Month 1: Keltier

News for the second week of Keltier:

  • A Hero of the People: Duke Shaemes Alam has triumphed over the recent bandit incursion in Soerelies. Personally leading his warband, he found their hidden tower, surrounded and sacked it, leading the assault himself. Gravely wounded in battle, Duke Alam has been given the nick-name “Shaemes the Ironhanded”, after the stylized hand forged for him after loosing his own in the fight. Throughout Alamie bards are now singing tales of the great hero who suffered to save them, while bleeding hearts in neighboring countries decry his resurrecting the tradition of Decimation for those troops who showed cowardice in battle, and his choice of throwing captured bandits in pits with wild dogs and hungry bears.
  • Aquitania’s Bounty: In the face of repeated raids by Dark Elves from the wastelands, the Prince has placed a bounty on the capture or death of the interlopers.
  • Shadows over Royland: Though details are sketchy, word has come from the peaceful lands of Royland that forces under the banner of the Awnsheiglen known as the Changeling have seized their westernmost territories, pitting mixed troops of humanoids and even trolls against the defending cavalry.
  • Care to come to the Ball?: Ashera Veshanka, Marchioness of the Oasis, has invited those of standing to a masked ball next month to celebrate her anniversary as ruler of the wasteland kingdom that bears her name. Fellow regents near and far are welcome to attend the festivities being held amongst recently uncovered Masetian ruins found amongst the dunes of the Lost Desert.
  • Ogre troubles: Northern Imports and Exports has placed a bounty on Ogres in Doom’s Peaks (specifically whomever has stirred up the giant humanoids to harass the guild’s logging and mining interests in the Goblin kingdom). To that end, would be heroes, adventurers and bounty hunters could earn a fat 6,000 gp reward for ending the Ogre’s rampage.
  • In broad daylight: El-hadid, guildmaster of the Port of Call Exchange in Ilien, was set upon by unknown assailants intent on his abduction as he was traveling to discuss business matters with Count Agondlier.
  • Battle of Storm’s Rest: Ulgotha’s pirate fleet has anchored off the coast of Thurazor, unloading a large invasion force into the Goblin Kingdom. So far his forces have proved victorious over the Goblins, having driven the surviving defenders back (though the Goblins have fought hard to defend their kingdom). Aeon Aeonolis, Baron of the Wastes, has faced attempts on his life and raids bent on scuttling his fleet, all of which have failed. He has in turn sent Goblin King Tie’skar Graecher the heads of his defeated troops, demanding Thurazor’s immediate surrender and their bowing to the will of the warlord Azuras. The Goblin King has invited him to a a great feast in his honor to discuss the terms of that surrender.


Are we to assume that El-hadid escaped his assailants and now walks free, or was he successfully abducted?

554 ME, One hand clapping

He is, for the time being, free. And, like the Count of Ilien, not happy with whomever put this dastardly plan in motion.

554 ME, One hand clapping

It appears the Warlord Azuras has made a blunder Thurazor is so far north from Ulgotha it will be hard to maintain that conquest.

554 ME, One hand clapping
GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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