Songs of Light and Shadow

554 ME, Ice Breakers

Winter, Month 2: Faniele

News for the Month of Faniele, part 1:

  • Swamp Gas: Undead are no longer being spotted in large numbers in the swamps bordering Coaerannys and Osoerede. The amphibian menace seems to have been successfully been driven back to the depths of the swamp from whence they came by the combined efforts of the Hospitaliers of Nesirie and the royal house of Eliene.
  • Unexpected Marriages: Quests yield maiden treasure yet, as Baal Fortune recently discovered. On behalf of his lord the Governor of Mieres he set out to rid the Wizard Mhistecai of a nest of belligerent Chimaera, and in so doing, managed to sweep the rogue sorceress off her feet. The two bound themselves together ere they returned, forming a power couple that will likely be a force to be reckoned with. An equally unexpected union in the north has put many on edge, as marriage between the merchant Duchess Mhealle Bireon to the Warlock of Dhoesone has united Anuire’s two northernmost realms into a single wealthy and powerful territory that dominates all roads heading towards Rjurik lands.
  • Ogre March: Bandits fleeing the Five Peaks cry of rampaging Ogres seizing control of the province of Puinol. Thurazor seems to be giving a collective sigh of relief, as the guilds have rescinded their bounty on Ogres now that the rampaging sub-giants no longer threaten their logging camps.
  • Death of a Warlord: Alaster Creyrendr, Warlord Consort of the Marchioness Ashiro, has claimed the reward for the death of the Warlord Azuras, and claimed Ulgotha as his prize. Details remain sketchy, but the guilds have apparently payed their proffered reward in return for the trophy of the Warlord’s most distinctive armor (and Creyrendr’s rescinding of the threats against their guilds). The former kingdom of Medoere faces an uncertain future as the Spider’s loyalists still run rampant across the land, though the Adurian knight has sworn to lead his forces to free his new subjects with all due haste as soon as the tides allow. Eoele of Medoere, the shadowy church that took over caring for the faithful of Ulgotha after the fall of the Celestial Spell, support Alistair’s claim to the throne, and have been doing their part to prepare the populous for their new liege.
  • Good deals in Thurazor: The Upper Anuire Traders have recently come into a wealth of arms and equipment salvaged from the invading Ulgotha forces in Thurazor, and are offering up the goods cheep to Thurazor’s neighbors.
  • The mist on the borderlands: Much of the Chimaeron has recently been obscured by a supernatural mist, just after reports started steaming out of Lyssan that a large army of Undead had arisen around the city. What this means for the Eastern Marches is uncertain, though some guess it may be part of a larger response by the Chimaera to the recent sacking of Mhowe by pirates to show the land is by no means defenseless. It has also all but stopped land-based trade from Brechtur, and makes for a heady threat given the recent concerns cited by the Life & Protection of Avanalae about flagrant acts of Necromancy.
  • War in the Wastes: While rumors of Undead persist in the wastes west of the Spire, war in Royland continues unabated. WHile the Changeling ocupys their western-most territories and crush their legendary horselords, the City-state of Vatcheron has moved out to occupy and pillage the rest of the country of to their hearts’ content.
  • Colonial Woes: Prince Avan has sent half his fleet to transport a new Adurian Expeditionary Force to aid in the protection and security of Mieres, given rumors of a rising “Shadow Crusade” against all outsiders in Aduria. Given the recent attacks on Royland, the Prince has declared a deep and abiding concern for the citizenry of the Mieres colony and has decided to send reinforcements with all due haste to protect Avanil’s investment in the region (rumor has it that the Governor, the so-called “Imp of Mieres”, has fallen out of favor back at Court, and may be replaced with someone more clearly loyal).


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