Songs of Light and Shadow

554 ME, Heads I win...

Winter, Month 1: Keltier

News for the third week of Keltier:

  • The Tetrarchs despute: Outraged over the charges thrown against them by Coeranys, Roesone and the other members of the Terarch states have refuted their claims that the Tetrarchy have used undead to drive their current plague of frogs against them. Furthermore the Tetrarchs insist no request to assist Coeranys was ever made, Aerenwe, in conjunction with the Eastern Temple of Nesirsae, has dispatched a special unit of Hosptalier Rangers to do what they can to stem the tide of unruly amphibians
  • Don’t loose your heads: King Graecher has resolved his feast of welcome for Aeon Aeonolis, Baron of the Wastes, and is now said to be parading his headless corpse around the provinces of Thurazor. The Goblin King asked the Baron if he knew fear. He did. Ulgoltha’s fleet has left the shores of the Goblin kingdom, and the Goblins are celebrating as only Goblins can. The war is over… for now.
  • Guilder’s bounty: Orthen Tane & El-hadid, outraged by the Warlord Azura’s threats and in an unusual show of solidarity have jointly announced placing a 40,000 gp bounty for the capture of Ulgotha’s bloodthirsty regent and an end to the occupation of Medore by monstrous forces.


Now I`m really confused, The Ulgotha-Thurazor war seemed to have speed by, so did Thurazor win this Baron of the Waste was apart of the invasion? I have no clue, but a short winter war was nice.

554 ME, Heads I win...

The Baron of the Waste is likely an agent of the Warlord Azurus, and his representative at the “surrender” feast. After this bloody affair, it seems the Warlord has pulled back from Thurazor, leaving the goblins to their own devices once more.

554 ME, Heads I win...
GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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