Songs of Light and Shadow

554 ME, Cold Days in Hell

Winter, Month 1: Keltier

News for the first week of Keltier:

  • Troubles in the Eastern Marches: Rumors persist that villagers are disappearing in Hopes Demise – the Patriarch of Elinie has sent several of his siblings to investigate. Rumors of attacks by menacing Frog-creatures from the swamps of the Sunken Lands on the citizens of Ruorven has led the Hierophant Duke to publicly denounce the Tetrarchy for its’ employment of undead to drive the monsters from their lands into neighboring kingdom, and their unwillingness to give aid to the crisis they created – such acts show they have no honor, and the Knightly orders that serve them are a sham! Life & Protection of Avanalae has taken note of their actions, and will judge them accordingly!
  • Troubles in Aduria: Dark Elves from the distant and foreboding Corviswode have been raiding border communities in both Aquitania and the open plains of the Khroh Nomads. The Warlord Nikolai has sent forces into the southermost province of Qabbi to root out the Azrai cultists who have long held sway in the region.
  • The Warlord Azuras has been busy: Declaring Orthen Tane and el-Hadid enemies of the state, he has begun seizing assets of the two Guild-masters in Ulgotha. His ships have been committing acts of piracy up and down the western coast of Anuire, specifically raiding the coastal provinces of Thurazor.
  • Trade disputes: Sailors in Bindier are refusing to set sail given concerns over the recent upswing of piracy off the western coast has disrupted Brosegnae’s sea-trade, and attempts to re-crew the ships has proven fruitless. Endier has declared a toll on trade-goods from Alamie, given their refusal to re-imburse them for destruction of their business interests in that country during the recent confusions over Guilder Shade’s involvement with the Spider.
  • Corporate mergers: Guilder Shade has announced the surprising merger of the Hartlands Outfitters and the Black Rock Traders. THis will make the Outfitters the most powerful guild in the Imperial Capital, and give control of Albiele Island to Endier. In return, the Ebon Pete family has been granted peerage and lands (and no small sum of money) to the Ebon Pete family in Endier.
  • Tax hikes in Ilien: Count Angondlier has announced a one-time tax for the public defense to bolster the military in the face of Ulotha’s blatant militarism.
  • Birth of a vassal-state: The Govenor of Mieres has granted his western-most provinces to the Adurian adventurer, Baal Fortune, establishing the Barony of Basalruin.
  • Bandit bounties: With bandits stirring up trouble in Sorelies, Duke Alam has placed a bounty on bandit-heads. He is not sitting idly by however to let others do the work, as he now leads a war-band northward to hunt down bandits himself.


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