Songs of Light and Shadow

553 ME, Falling Free

News for the month of Emmanir

As fall draws to a close, wars draw to a close and tempers cool. The lords of Anuire seek change through words, though a few still strive to achieve their designs through dramatic deeds…

  • Regents all along the Eastern Coast are gathering in Osoerede for a great summit of the Powers, some traveling from as far west as the Free City of Ilien to see their interests are met. The Patriarch of Elinie has called them there in hopes of binding them together in a League of Justice, it is rumored, solidifying the alliances that made regime change in Ooerede possible.
  • A similar gathering is also taking place, far south in the Adurian Wastes. The Alabaster Prince of the Changing Lands has called together the Warlords of the Wastelands and the northern coastal kings for his own convocation.
  • Prince Avan has come to Tuornen to accept their new regent’s oaths of support. He has not come alone, but with a great host to protect his newest vassal, recognizing this will change the shape of war in Anuire with a new front for the war with Boeruine, and possibly trigger trouble in the Heartlands with Alamie as well.
  • HEAR ME!” comes words of import from the Talking Messenger Ravens of Cain, “HEAR ME, OH LORDS AND LADIES OF ANUIRE! WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN MEDOERE HAS HAPPENED IN ENDIER, YET NONE CAN SEE! I HAVE SEEN BEHIND GUILDER SHADE’S MASK, AND SEEN HIS TRUE FACE! HE IS THE SPIDER’S SON! HE IS THE WARLORD AZURAS! RISE UP ENDIER! REVOLT AGAINST THE TYRANT! RISE UP ANUIRE, AND DOG THE VILLAIN AT EVERY TURN!” These were the last words from the Free City of Endier, before it, and the neighboring Spiderfell, were blanketed with an impenetrable mist…


Dun dun DUUUN!!!

553 ME, Falling Free
GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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