Songs of Light and Shadow

553 ME, Falling Fast

Fall, Month 3: Emmanir

News for the second week of Emmanir:

  • Alamie is the first to strike at Endier, following the news presented by the Wizard Cain of Guilder Shade’s service to the Spider. With Endier itself beyond his reach (thanks to the mysterious fog that misdirects any seeking to enter), he has set his armies to sacking what holdings Endier still has in his kingdom (the guild-warehouses and mercantile operations of the Heartlands Outfitters).
  • The Duke of Taeghas is granting rewards to the partisan defenders of his northern woods for their heroism in defeating Elvish hunting parties sent by Rhuobhe the Manslayer.
  • Albiele Island is suffering from a crippling plague that has killed nearly half it’s citizenry. None know the origins of the horrid, lethal disease, but many coastal ports are starting to turn away ships hailing from the island for fear the plague may spread. A few claim to have seen a mysterious bat-winged creature circling the island in recent months, and cite it as a bad omen warning that this may just be the start of worse things to come.
  • The Viceroy of Mieres, Calbis Lamier, has called out for heroes to help him push back the Gnoll Marauders that menace his western boarders and recently captured his loyal general. For those willing to answer the call a reward of up to 6,000 gold coins (amongst other honors) have been authorized to be divided amongst those who aid him in this task.
  • “HEAR ME!” comes words of import from the Talking Messenger Ravens of Cain, “HEAR ME, OH LORDS AND LADIES OF ANUIRE! ENDIER HAS BEEN SAVED! THE REAL GUILDER SHADE, TRUE HEIR OF ENDIER HAS BEEN RESCUED AND RETURNED TO POWER, WHILE THE AGENTS OF THE TRUE SON OF THE SPIDER, WARLORD AZURAS, HAVE BEEN EXCISED! i AND TEMIAS COUMAIN OF THE CELESTIAL JEWEL HAVE BEEN NAMED PROTECTORS OF THE REALM AND NOW AID IN THE FREE CITY’S RULE SO ENEMIES SHALL NOT ROT THE CITY FROM WITHIN AGAIN!” With this message the impenetrable mist that has surrounded the province for the last week has lifted, and trade has resumed. Guilder Shade and the Celestial Jewel have confirmed Cain’s statements, further adding that both Cain and Temias sit on a newly formed High Counsel overseeing Endier’s affairs and that the Celestial Jewel is now Endier’s official state religion. Alamie has called off their war, and are rumored to have sent a fruit basket as a peace offering.
  • The magical fog surrounding the Spiderfell has not dispersed. The Wizard Cain has claimed responsibility, and is asking for donations from fellow neighbors of the Spider (along with any other regents willing to contribute) to aid in his continued Warding of the Awnshieglin’s realm to keep the acknowledged menace trapped in his own web.


Ooops! Reward being offered by Mieres for help was 6,000gp, not 60,000. My bad. Is now corrected above.

Math hard…

553 ME, Falling Fast
GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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