Songs of Light and Shadow

553 ME, Axis of Allies

Fall, Month 3: Emmanir

News for the third week of Emmanir:

  • Birth of the Tetrarchy: Regents and representatives have gathered in Osoerede to discuss matters of interest relating to the stability of the eastern countries. To that end Eliene, Roesone, Aerenwe and Osoerede have formally agreed to establish a four-member alliance based on shared interests forged in the battle to free Osoerede from tyranny. This “Tetrarchy” has in turn agreed to a defensive military alliance with Ilien. Some grumblings have occurred between the new alliance and the states of Coeranys and Ghoere, who both object over being left out of diplomatic discussions, or feel the price of inclusion to be too high. The Tetrarchy has agreed to a limited involvement in aiding the Wizard Cain in his goals of keeping the Spider contained, as have Ilien, Ghoere and several others.
  • Frog Music: Rumor has it someone has been stirring up the Frogmen of the Sunken Lands. A ship anchored in the Gulf of Coeranys was spotted sending boats with armed men into the swamp. Since then attacks on villagers in the marshland region by roving bands of Frogmen have been on the rise. While it has been long known that these mysterious creatures inhabit an ancient ruin deep in the Sunken Lands, they have usually left other inhabitants alone. The Second Swamp Mage has left the Eastern Summit to take charge of Osoerede’s Undead Legions to see to it the region is secured and the Frogmen’s belligerence is curtailed.
  • The Gnoll Hunt: Thanks to the aid of a rugged band of adventurers, the Viceroy of Mieres has successfully rescued General Wildeyes and subdued the Gnoll threat of the Laughing Marshes. Those who died in the cause will be remembered as heroes, while several of those who have survived seem singled out for particular honors (most notably the Fortune siblings, Baal and Shaal, who have been reinstated as Mieres nobility and have been given title and lands bordering the Laughing Marshes).
  • Shadows in the South: Wild rumors have exploded out of the south that the Alabaster Prince of the Changing Lands has brought a number of Warlords of the Adurian Wastes (and beyond) under the banner of a religious Shadow Crusade. Announcing Eloele, Goddess of Night, to be the one true inheritor of Azrai’s divinity and taken her standard, the Alabaster Prince has sworn to free the Masetian Peninsula of colonial rule by foreign empires, whether they be Anuirian, Adurian, or Naized. Rumors have it he has brought a versatile force of Adurian, Vos, Gnoll, Troll, Dark Elf, Reptid and Orog to bend knee to his purpose, as well as assembling a number of potent Warlocks and Necromancers to suit his purpose. Whether the Alabaster Prince has the strength and charm to hold such a diverse company of cutthroats and knaves together remains to be seen.


(OOC: A lot of Alliances forming. Now all we need is an arms race and a assassination and all will be complete)

553 ME, Axis of Allies
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