Songs of Light and Shadow

General rumors for winter & spring


  • Border skirmishes break out between Corviswode & the Kroh Nomads.
  • Cragspire has joined The Oasis, and the Oasis has successfully rebuffed all of Basalruin’s attempts to invade.
  • Wargs bedevil villages at the edge of the Erbannen, but are driven off by the Swordwraith & her Rangers.
  • Avanil’s heir has been assassinated!
  • Goblins have been raiding in Cariele.
  • Alamie announces religious intolerance is tantamount to heresy, and will be treated as such. Assets will be seized by the state, while heretics are put to the torch.
  • A sink-hole opened up under one of LPAs temples in Ghoere.
  • Remnants of the Reptile Cult that caused so much trouble over the winter in Elinie have reverted to banditry, but are rounded up and arrested by the Douta family Paladins
General rumors for the end of Winter and Spring

Highlights of recent events

  • The masquerade hosted at the end of Winter in the Oasis was interrupted by raiding Sand Goblins, who carried off the Marchioness Ashera, Armani Avan (one of Prince Avan’s many daughters), the Corviswode’s Autarch, Nikolai the Flame of Saukien, and Shall Fortune (sister of the Warlord Baal of Basalruin) – amongst others. Luckily they were all rescued by the Warlord Creyrendyr and Guilder Shade before any serious harm was done. Rumor also has it Creyrendyr has gained the services of a Dragon of the Wastes.
  • With spring comes war, as Basalruin invades Ashera’s Oasis in the name of his liege-lord, the Imp of Mieres. Rumors abound that Avanil and Boerune are testing each other’s defenses, but out and out fighting has yet to commence.
  • Marriages are also in the air: early this spring, Crister Rose, Duke of Coeranys and High Priest of the Life & Protection of Avanalae joined with Yissilda Tael, a cousin of Baron Gavan Tael of Ghoere. Near the end of the season Guilder Shade hosts a state wedding to his rescued Aduirian Princess, Shall Fortune.
  • On religious fronts: The worship of The Vos god Belinik, Prince of Terror and Lord of Strife has cropped up in several kingdoms lately, most notably on the Isle of Caelcorwynn and in the Duchy of Alamie. The Hrned King has even gone to declare them as Caelcorwynn’s new state religion, a decision that has outraged the Eastern Temple of Nesirie (who had been tending to the needs of the islanders for the last half a year). Duke Shaemes Alam has made no such similar decree, though he has continued to support his previous statements about religious toleration within his kingdom with a draconian announcement that religious persecution is tantamount to heresy, and will be similarly persecuted with assets seized and homes burned.
554 ME, Rebel Yells
Winter, Month 2: Faniele

News for the month of Faniele, part 2:

  • Aquitainia stands alone: Oernasis and the Changeling have launched joint offenses against the kingdom of Aral (called by some the High Kingdom of Aquitania). Though the joint offensive succeeded in splitting the Prince’s forces, the Nehaleze sword-lords defeated the mixed armies of Orogs and Gnolls soundly with only minimal losses.
  • The Church does not approve: The High Priest of the Life and Protection of Avanalae, Crister Rose, recently made several papal decrees…

1. “The Tetrarchy has made clear, with recent statements, that they will not come to anyone’s aid, even if they created the problem, unless one asks them for their help. In conclusion, does this mean that if injustice is being done, people are being butchered or the Chimaeron is about to invade their neighbors lands with an army of undead, they will not come unless asked? I ask my fellow lords and ladies, is this justice? I feel that the Tetrachy would still clearly have undead wandering around and would not have focused so closely on the frog people problem had the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae not brought these unmoral actions of the Tetrachy into the light.”

2. “The Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae feels compelled to point out that Jason Raenech still rots in his cell. There has yet to be mention of a trail by the Tetrachy.
I ask my fellow lords & ladies again, is this justice? The Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae fears that the Tetrachy may be using justice in only ways they serve their purposes. However, should the Tetrachy have a fair and honest trail, as well as clean up their act in general because the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae has brought this issue to light, so much the better. Nevertheless, had the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae not brought these issues to light, we all have our suspicions how the Tetrachy would be acting now. Additionally, a core uniting factor of the Tetrachy is that all nations that are part of the Tetrachy have come to the aid of a nation known for hosting two known necromancers, one even still acting as court wizard of said nation – Osoerde. Therefore lords & ladies I ask of you, I beseech you, I humbly beg you, when dealing with the Treachery act with caution. They may act one way on the surface, and have had a few acts of transgression, but we have no idea what they are like at their core.”

3. “The Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae congratulates Guilder Shade on his recent acquisition of the Black Rock Traders. However, it has come to light that the Black Rock Traders may have woken up a sleeping giant when they raided the Chimaeron’s lands. Should Coerannys, or their neighbor Baruk-Azhik, experience any damages from the Chimaeron, the Holy Order of the Life and Protection of Avanalae would hope that Guilder Shade would reimburse us for such damages. After all, legally he is now head of the Black Rock Traders, thus their debts are his to pay, and responsibility for fixing their mistakes are his.”

  • An Imp revealed, a Prince defeated: Civil War broke out in Mieres when Avanil’s Fleet deposited a large force to take charge of the colony and send the Vizier Calbas Lamier back to face accusations of treason. Prince Avan’s forces chased the rogue governor to the borders of Basalruin, where the rebel regent regrouped with his remaining troops, vassal forces, and allied soldiers from Saukien, to engage at the forest’s edge. Though the ir numbers were nearly equal, the Anuirian invaders proved no match for the tactical genius of the Imp of Mieres, now revealed as the Awnsheilien some had accused him of being. Their forces routed, the Imp’s rebellion pursued the survivors back through the capitals to their ships, cheering to see the Lion’s men sailing back north, tails between their legs. Though Prince Avan may wish to someday return to reclaim the Anuirian colony of Mieres, it’s citizens have already started calling it by another name, one befitting it’s Awnsheigh regent – The Imp’s Peninsula.
554 ME, Ice Breakers
Winter, Month 2: Faniele

News for the Month of Faniele, part 1:

  • Swamp Gas: Undead are no longer being spotted in large numbers in the swamps bordering Coaerannys and Osoerede. The amphibian menace seems to have been successfully been driven back to the depths of the swamp from whence they came by the combined efforts of the Hospitaliers of Nesirie and the royal house of Eliene.
  • Unexpected Marriages: Quests yield maiden treasure yet, as Baal Fortune recently discovered. On behalf of his lord the Governor of Mieres he set out to rid the Wizard Mhistecai of a nest of belligerent Chimaera, and in so doing, managed to sweep the rogue sorceress off her feet. The two bound themselves together ere they returned, forming a power couple that will likely be a force to be reckoned with. An equally unexpected union in the north has put many on edge, as marriage between the merchant Duchess Mhealle Bireon to the Warlock of Dhoesone has united Anuire’s two northernmost realms into a single wealthy and powerful territory that dominates all roads heading towards Rjurik lands.
  • Ogre March: Bandits fleeing the Five Peaks cry of rampaging Ogres seizing control of the province of Puinol. Thurazor seems to be giving a collective sigh of relief, as the guilds have rescinded their bounty on Ogres now that the rampaging sub-giants no longer threaten their logging camps.
  • Death of a Warlord: Alaster Creyrendr, Warlord Consort of the Marchioness Ashiro, has claimed the reward for the death of the Warlord Azuras, and claimed Ulgotha as his prize. Details remain sketchy, but the guilds have apparently payed their proffered reward in return for the trophy of the Warlord’s most distinctive armor (and Creyrendr’s rescinding of the threats against their guilds). The former kingdom of Medoere faces an uncertain future as the Spider’s loyalists still run rampant across the land, though the Adurian knight has sworn to lead his forces to free his new subjects with all due haste as soon as the tides allow. Eoele of Medoere, the shadowy church that took over caring for the faithful of Ulgotha after the fall of the Celestial Spell, support Alistair’s claim to the throne, and have been doing their part to prepare the populous for their new liege.
  • Good deals in Thurazor: The Upper Anuire Traders have recently come into a wealth of arms and equipment salvaged from the invading Ulgotha forces in Thurazor, and are offering up the goods cheep to Thurazor’s neighbors.
  • The mist on the borderlands: Much of the Chimaeron has recently been obscured by a supernatural mist, just after reports started steaming out of Lyssan that a large army of Undead had arisen around the city. What this means for the Eastern Marches is uncertain, though some guess it may be part of a larger response by the Chimaera to the recent sacking of Mhowe by pirates to show the land is by no means defenseless. It has also all but stopped land-based trade from Brechtur, and makes for a heady threat given the recent concerns cited by the Life & Protection of Avanalae about flagrant acts of Necromancy.
  • War in the Wastes: While rumors of Undead persist in the wastes west of the Spire, war in Royland continues unabated. WHile the Changeling ocupys their western-most territories and crush their legendary horselords, the City-state of Vatcheron has moved out to occupy and pillage the rest of the country of to their hearts’ content.
  • Colonial Woes: Prince Avan has sent half his fleet to transport a new Adurian Expeditionary Force to aid in the protection and security of Mieres, given rumors of a rising “Shadow Crusade” against all outsiders in Aduria. Given the recent attacks on Royland, the Prince has declared a deep and abiding concern for the citizenry of the Mieres colony and has decided to send reinforcements with all due haste to protect Avanil’s investment in the region (rumor has it that the Governor, the so-called “Imp of Mieres”, has fallen out of favor back at Court, and may be replaced with someone more clearly loyal).
554 ME, Heads I win...
Winter, Month 1: Keltier

News for the third week of Keltier:

  • The Tetrarchs despute: Outraged over the charges thrown against them by Coeranys, Roesone and the other members of the Terarch states have refuted their claims that the Tetrarchy have used undead to drive their current plague of frogs against them. Furthermore the Tetrarchs insist no request to assist Coeranys was ever made, Aerenwe, in conjunction with the Eastern Temple of Nesirsae, has dispatched a special unit of Hosptalier Rangers to do what they can to stem the tide of unruly amphibians
  • Don’t loose your heads: King Graecher has resolved his feast of welcome for Aeon Aeonolis, Baron of the Wastes, and is now said to be parading his headless corpse around the provinces of Thurazor. The Goblin King asked the Baron if he knew fear. He did. Ulgoltha’s fleet has left the shores of the Goblin kingdom, and the Goblins are celebrating as only Goblins can. The war is over… for now.
  • Guilder’s bounty: Orthen Tane & El-hadid, outraged by the Warlord Azura’s threats and in an unusual show of solidarity have jointly announced placing a 40,000 gp bounty for the capture of Ulgotha’s bloodthirsty regent and an end to the occupation of Medore by monstrous forces.
554 ME, One hand clapping
Winter, Month 1: Keltier

News for the second week of Keltier:

  • A Hero of the People: Duke Shaemes Alam has triumphed over the recent bandit incursion in Soerelies. Personally leading his warband, he found their hidden tower, surrounded and sacked it, leading the assault himself. Gravely wounded in battle, Duke Alam has been given the nick-name “Shaemes the Ironhanded”, after the stylized hand forged for him after loosing his own in the fight. Throughout Alamie bards are now singing tales of the great hero who suffered to save them, while bleeding hearts in neighboring countries decry his resurrecting the tradition of Decimation for those troops who showed cowardice in battle, and his choice of throwing captured bandits in pits with wild dogs and hungry bears.
  • Aquitania’s Bounty: In the face of repeated raids by Dark Elves from the wastelands, the Prince has placed a bounty on the capture or death of the interlopers.
  • Shadows over Royland: Though details are sketchy, word has come from the peaceful lands of Royland that forces under the banner of the Awnsheiglen known as the Changeling have seized their westernmost territories, pitting mixed troops of humanoids and even trolls against the defending cavalry.
  • Care to come to the Ball?: Ashera Veshanka, Marchioness of the Oasis, has invited those of standing to a masked ball next month to celebrate her anniversary as ruler of the wasteland kingdom that bears her name. Fellow regents near and far are welcome to attend the festivities being held amongst recently uncovered Masetian ruins found amongst the dunes of the Lost Desert.
  • Ogre troubles: Northern Imports and Exports has placed a bounty on Ogres in Doom’s Peaks (specifically whomever has stirred up the giant humanoids to harass the guild’s logging and mining interests in the Goblin kingdom). To that end, would be heroes, adventurers and bounty hunters could earn a fat 6,000 gp reward for ending the Ogre’s rampage.
  • In broad daylight: El-hadid, guildmaster of the Port of Call Exchange in Ilien, was set upon by unknown assailants intent on his abduction as he was traveling to discuss business matters with Count Agondlier.
  • Battle of Storm’s Rest: Ulgotha’s pirate fleet has anchored off the coast of Thurazor, unloading a large invasion force into the Goblin Kingdom. So far his forces have proved victorious over the Goblins, having driven the surviving defenders back (though the Goblins have fought hard to defend their kingdom). Aeon Aeonolis, Baron of the Wastes, has faced attempts on his life and raids bent on scuttling his fleet, all of which have failed. He has in turn sent Goblin King Tie’skar Graecher the heads of his defeated troops, demanding Thurazor’s immediate surrender and their bowing to the will of the warlord Azuras. The Goblin King has invited him to a a great feast in his honor to discuss the terms of that surrender.
554 ME, Cold Days in Hell
Winter, Month 1: Keltier

News for the first week of Keltier:

  • Troubles in the Eastern Marches: Rumors persist that villagers are disappearing in Hopes Demise – the Patriarch of Elinie has sent several of his siblings to investigate. Rumors of attacks by menacing Frog-creatures from the swamps of the Sunken Lands on the citizens of Ruorven has led the Hierophant Duke to publicly denounce the Tetrarchy for its’ employment of undead to drive the monsters from their lands into neighboring kingdom, and their unwillingness to give aid to the crisis they created – such acts show they have no honor, and the Knightly orders that serve them are a sham! Life & Protection of Avanalae has taken note of their actions, and will judge them accordingly!
  • Troubles in Aduria: Dark Elves from the distant and foreboding Corviswode have been raiding border communities in both Aquitania and the open plains of the Khroh Nomads. The Warlord Nikolai has sent forces into the southermost province of Qabbi to root out the Azrai cultists who have long held sway in the region.
  • The Warlord Azuras has been busy: Declaring Orthen Tane and el-Hadid enemies of the state, he has begun seizing assets of the two Guild-masters in Ulgotha. His ships have been committing acts of piracy up and down the western coast of Anuire, specifically raiding the coastal provinces of Thurazor.
  • Trade disputes: Sailors in Bindier are refusing to set sail given concerns over the recent upswing of piracy off the western coast has disrupted Brosegnae’s sea-trade, and attempts to re-crew the ships has proven fruitless. Endier has declared a toll on trade-goods from Alamie, given their refusal to re-imburse them for destruction of their business interests in that country during the recent confusions over Guilder Shade’s involvement with the Spider.
  • Corporate mergers: Guilder Shade has announced the surprising merger of the Hartlands Outfitters and the Black Rock Traders. THis will make the Outfitters the most powerful guild in the Imperial Capital, and give control of Albiele Island to Endier. In return, the Ebon Pete family has been granted peerage and lands (and no small sum of money) to the Ebon Pete family in Endier.
  • Tax hikes in Ilien: Count Angondlier has announced a one-time tax for the public defense to bolster the military in the face of Ulotha’s blatant militarism.
  • Birth of a vassal-state: The Govenor of Mieres has granted his western-most provinces to the Adurian adventurer, Baal Fortune, establishing the Barony of Basalruin.
  • Bandit bounties: With bandits stirring up trouble in Sorelies, Duke Alam has placed a bounty on bandit-heads. He is not sitting idly by however to let others do the work, as he now leads a war-band northward to hunt down bandits himself.
553 ME, Axis of Allies
Fall, Month 3: Emmanir

News for the third week of Emmanir:

  • Birth of the Tetrarchy: Regents and representatives have gathered in Osoerede to discuss matters of interest relating to the stability of the eastern countries. To that end Eliene, Roesone, Aerenwe and Osoerede have formally agreed to establish a four-member alliance based on shared interests forged in the battle to free Osoerede from tyranny. This “Tetrarchy” has in turn agreed to a defensive military alliance with Ilien. Some grumblings have occurred between the new alliance and the states of Coeranys and Ghoere, who both object over being left out of diplomatic discussions, or feel the price of inclusion to be too high. The Tetrarchy has agreed to a limited involvement in aiding the Wizard Cain in his goals of keeping the Spider contained, as have Ilien, Ghoere and several others.
  • Frog Music: Rumor has it someone has been stirring up the Frogmen of the Sunken Lands. A ship anchored in the Gulf of Coeranys was spotted sending boats with armed men into the swamp. Since then attacks on villagers in the marshland region by roving bands of Frogmen have been on the rise. While it has been long known that these mysterious creatures inhabit an ancient ruin deep in the Sunken Lands, they have usually left other inhabitants alone. The Second Swamp Mage has left the Eastern Summit to take charge of Osoerede’s Undead Legions to see to it the region is secured and the Frogmen’s belligerence is curtailed.
  • The Gnoll Hunt: Thanks to the aid of a rugged band of adventurers, the Viceroy of Mieres has successfully rescued General Wildeyes and subdued the Gnoll threat of the Laughing Marshes. Those who died in the cause will be remembered as heroes, while several of those who have survived seem singled out for particular honors (most notably the Fortune siblings, Baal and Shaal, who have been reinstated as Mieres nobility and have been given title and lands bordering the Laughing Marshes).
  • Shadows in the South: Wild rumors have exploded out of the south that the Alabaster Prince of the Changing Lands has brought a number of Warlords of the Adurian Wastes (and beyond) under the banner of a religious Shadow Crusade. Announcing Eloele, Goddess of Night, to be the one true inheritor of Azrai’s divinity and taken her standard, the Alabaster Prince has sworn to free the Masetian Peninsula of colonial rule by foreign empires, whether they be Anuirian, Adurian, or Naized. Rumors have it he has brought a versatile force of Adurian, Vos, Gnoll, Troll, Dark Elf, Reptid and Orog to bend knee to his purpose, as well as assembling a number of potent Warlocks and Necromancers to suit his purpose. Whether the Alabaster Prince has the strength and charm to hold such a diverse company of cutthroats and knaves together remains to be seen.
553 ME, Falling Fast
Fall, Month 3: Emmanir

News for the second week of Emmanir:

  • Alamie is the first to strike at Endier, following the news presented by the Wizard Cain of Guilder Shade’s service to the Spider. With Endier itself beyond his reach (thanks to the mysterious fog that misdirects any seeking to enter), he has set his armies to sacking what holdings Endier still has in his kingdom (the guild-warehouses and mercantile operations of the Heartlands Outfitters).
  • The Duke of Taeghas is granting rewards to the partisan defenders of his northern woods for their heroism in defeating Elvish hunting parties sent by Rhuobhe the Manslayer.
  • Albiele Island is suffering from a crippling plague that has killed nearly half it’s citizenry. None know the origins of the horrid, lethal disease, but many coastal ports are starting to turn away ships hailing from the island for fear the plague may spread. A few claim to have seen a mysterious bat-winged creature circling the island in recent months, and cite it as a bad omen warning that this may just be the start of worse things to come.
  • The Viceroy of Mieres, Calbis Lamier, has called out for heroes to help him push back the Gnoll Marauders that menace his western boarders and recently captured his loyal general. For those willing to answer the call a reward of up to 6,000 gold coins (amongst other honors) have been authorized to be divided amongst those who aid him in this task.
  • “HEAR ME!” comes words of import from the Talking Messenger Ravens of Cain, “HEAR ME, OH LORDS AND LADIES OF ANUIRE! ENDIER HAS BEEN SAVED! THE REAL GUILDER SHADE, TRUE HEIR OF ENDIER HAS BEEN RESCUED AND RETURNED TO POWER, WHILE THE AGENTS OF THE TRUE SON OF THE SPIDER, WARLORD AZURAS, HAVE BEEN EXCISED! i AND TEMIAS COUMAIN OF THE CELESTIAL JEWEL HAVE BEEN NAMED PROTECTORS OF THE REALM AND NOW AID IN THE FREE CITY’S RULE SO ENEMIES SHALL NOT ROT THE CITY FROM WITHIN AGAIN!” With this message the impenetrable mist that has surrounded the province for the last week has lifted, and trade has resumed. Guilder Shade and the Celestial Jewel have confirmed Cain’s statements, further adding that both Cain and Temias sit on a newly formed High Counsel overseeing Endier’s affairs and that the Celestial Jewel is now Endier’s official state religion. Alamie has called off their war, and are rumored to have sent a fruit basket as a peace offering.
  • The magical fog surrounding the Spiderfell has not dispersed. The Wizard Cain has claimed responsibility, and is asking for donations from fellow neighbors of the Spider (along with any other regents willing to contribute) to aid in his continued Warding of the Awnshieglin’s realm to keep the acknowledged menace trapped in his own web.
553 ME, Falling Free
News for the month of Emmanir

As fall draws to a close, wars draw to a close and tempers cool. The lords of Anuire seek change through words, though a few still strive to achieve their designs through dramatic deeds…

  • Regents all along the Eastern Coast are gathering in Osoerede for a great summit of the Powers, some traveling from as far west as the Free City of Ilien to see their interests are met. The Patriarch of Elinie has called them there in hopes of binding them together in a League of Justice, it is rumored, solidifying the alliances that made regime change in Ooerede possible.
  • A similar gathering is also taking place, far south in the Adurian Wastes. The Alabaster Prince of the Changing Lands has called together the Warlords of the Wastelands and the northern coastal kings for his own convocation.
  • Prince Avan has come to Tuornen to accept their new regent’s oaths of support. He has not come alone, but with a great host to protect his newest vassal, recognizing this will change the shape of war in Anuire with a new front for the war with Boeruine, and possibly trigger trouble in the Heartlands with Alamie as well.
  • HEAR ME!” comes words of import from the Talking Messenger Ravens of Cain, “HEAR ME, OH LORDS AND LADIES OF ANUIRE! WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN MEDOERE HAS HAPPENED IN ENDIER, YET NONE CAN SEE! I HAVE SEEN BEHIND GUILDER SHADE’S MASK, AND SEEN HIS TRUE FACE! HE IS THE SPIDER’S SON! HE IS THE WARLORD AZURAS! RISE UP ENDIER! REVOLT AGAINST THE TYRANT! RISE UP ANUIRE, AND DOG THE VILLAIN AT EVERY TURN!” These were the last words from the Free City of Endier, before it, and the neighboring Spiderfell, were blanketed with an impenetrable mist…

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